Site History

Name: Flawless Charisma Carpenter
Online since: August 9th, 2017
Owner: Francesca
Contact: Form or

Flawless Charisma Carpenter was originally born on Instagram in January 2017 when I decided to create an account dedicated to Charisma since there wasn’t an active one around. Since then I managed to get over 1k followers on Instagram and noticing that there weren’t active fansites dedicated to Charisma, I decided to create one myself and here we are.

I’ve been a fan of Charisma since the first time I’ve seen her in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Cordelia. I remember that back then I was pretty much the only one admiring and liking Cordelia as everyone else liked Buffy more, but I didn’t care. As the time went by, I followed Charisma’s various projects such as Angel and all her other movies and to make sure not to miss anything new about her, I joined one of the first forums about her. Sadly, forums aren’t that big thing anymore so when I got the chance to make something online for her, I decided to go with the Instagram account first and the fansite then.

I truly hope this site and its gallery will be useful to all her fans and I gladly welcome any feedback you can have! If you’d like to keep in touch with the site and myself, don’t forget to follow the site’s Twitter and Instagram accounts!

Special thanks:
Just a few thank yous to all the people who I’ve met on Instagram and that kinda helped me make the site as it is and to our amazing host I’d like to give the biggest thank you to Charisma without whom this site wouldn’t exist at all. You’re an inspiration and we all love you the way you are ♥