• How can I contact Charisma ?
    The only way to contact her is to send her fanmail at this address. I’m sure she would love to hear from you.
  • Can you contact Charisma for me?
    No, I’m sorry but I can’t. I am in no way affiliated with Charisma or anyone she knows, meaning I have no way of contacting her directly.
  • Do you make a profit running this fansite?
    No, I run the site and its social media accounts freely and don’t make any money from it. I’m running this website because I’m a huge fan of Charisma and it makes me happy to give other fans a great place to keep themselves updated on her career.
  • Can I take the pictures in the gallery?
    All the images in the gallery do not belong to me so yes, you are free to save any photos in the gallery. I don’t claim ownership of any pictures that are in the gallery, but uploading pictures, making scans and screen captures is a time consuming process and sometimes cost money, so a link or credit back to the site (when reposting to Tumblr or others) is greatly appreciated (especially when I have put a tag on the picture which means it is an exclusive one).
  • Have you ever met Charisma?
    No, sadly I haven’t. I hope I’ll get to meet her one day!