Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz for TV Line

ABC’s Battle of the Network Stars will be touched by Angel when both Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz have field days on the rebooted competition series.

The Buffyverse alumni will not find themselves on opposite ends of a tug-of-war — Carpenter is part of the “Sci-Fi/Fantasy” team aiming to collar “TV Cops” this Thursday August 17th at 9/8c, while Benz is among the “Troublemakers” looking to sink “Lifeguards” on the Sept. 7 edition.

Even so, TVLine knew the ladies would have tales to tell — not just about braving the Dunk Tank and aggressive tennis balls (mild spoilers below!), but also about their time on Angel, where their #goals-worthy friendship first blossomed. In the rollicking Q&A below, Carpenter and Benz also open up about teen crushes, the recent Buffy reunion, roles that were gone-too-soon, going head-to-head on the audition circuit and the female unity that seeded their laughs- and love-filled bond.

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